Vanilla Essence - 30ml

Vanilla Essence - 30ml

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  • Vanilla extract from the vanilla bean comes pre-packed and ready to use. This concentrated version has a longer shelf life than the fresh beans or dried pods. Sniffing a few drops of vanilla extract is known to provide stress relief. Infact, neurological studies reveal that vanilla extract may prove useful in treatment of depression and anxiety disorders.
  • Digestion problems maybe relieved by taking vanilla infused herbal tea. Drinking water boiled with vanilla beans is a traditional remedy for nausea, vomiting, and stomach upsets. The aroma of vanilla may help ease queasiness.
  • Vanilla may prove effective in soothing inflammation as well due to its antioxidant properties.
  • The supplement industry is also tapping into the medicinal properties of vanillin. While oral intake proves to be less effective since vanillin cannot stand the acidic properties of the stomach, pills or powders designed to withstand stomach acids are becoming popular.

1. Acts as Antibacterial

Vanilla contains antibacterial properties. It is also associated with vanilla oil which has a role to inhibit the presence of bacteria development. Consequently, vanilla has a benefit to be commercialized as antibacterial products. Then, if you consume vanilla beverages regularly, it might protect your body against dangerous bacteria.

2. Acts as Anti-Cancer

Vanilla extract might be a kind of beverages which act as anti-cancer properties. With this ability, it prevents the cancer cells growth as well as it acts as an anti-inflammatory.

3. Lowers Cholesterol Levels

Vanilla contained in vanilla extract shows a potential to be the one which can lower the cholesterol level in the body. It is due to a study which found that vanilla extract may reduce the blood cholesterol levels.

 4. Treats Cough

Mild properties of vanilla extract help you relieve a sore throat and cough. Even, cough syrups often use vanilla flavoring to give a sweet taste.

5. Heals Fever

By adding vanilla extract and a teaspoon of sugar into a glass of warm water helps to heal fever in children. 

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