Dhanvantri Brass Statue | God of Medicine & Health

Dhanvantri Brass Statue | God of Medicine & Health

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Dhanvantri Brass Statue | God of Medicine & Health

According to ancient scriptures, God Dhanvantri is believed to have the ability to supply food to everyone. She is known as the God of medicine and Health, and a divine propagator of Ayurveda. Hence, Viha has come up with the Dhanvantri Statue made of brass, meant for worship and home decoration. In Hinduism, worshipers pray to Dhanvantri seeking the blessings for sound healing.  In some places, Doctors display the Dhanvantri Brass Statue in the east direction of their clinic and medical centre. 

Benefits of Dhanvantri Brass Statue :

  •  Viha Brass statue of Dhanvantri is an ideal product, neatly handcrafted for the devotees to worship and get blessings.
  • Dhanvantri Statue helps in improving the vitality and energy levels of everyone in the house.
  • It seems that people with all kinds of diseases can display this idol in the house and can feel the healing.
  • It is best to have it displayed  at the Northeast or the North corner at home. The brass statue  can also be placed in the temple with Shri Yantra.
  • Viha’s Brass idols have an excellent look and thus the property  makes “brass” a unique material for making idols.
  • Other than the pooja room, Viha Lord Dhanvantri brass statue can be used as decor for home interior or workspace.

Size :- 3.5" inches in height, 2.5" inches in width

Weight :- 200 grams

Material :- Brass

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