Krishna Brass Statue

Krishna Brass Statue

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God Krishna Brass Statue

Celebrated  as the eighth incarnation of Vishnu, Lord Krishna is one of the most popular and widely adored gods among Indians. Hence, Viha has come up with a beautiful and Handmade statue of Lord Krishna for its devotees. The divine Krishna idol is made of brass, carved and crafted carefully. Devotees across the globe worship the mighty god and protector of all lives - Lord Krishna playing flute. He  is a symbol Of love & happiness. Worshipping him with the idol, offers a divine feel in the worship place.

Properties of Viha Krishna Brass Statue:

  • The handmade Krishna statue is made of brass, an alloy that’s widely used in crafting idols of god and goddess for worship. The alloy is also used in making pooja materials such as Kuthuvilakku, Kamatchi Vilakku,etc.
  • Krishna brass statue is the most auspicious thing, meant to create a peaceful and devotional atmosphere in a house. The Brass statue also brings prosperity, love and luck.
  • Lord Krishna is the supreme God, and his idol at the pooja room enhances positive vibes around you. Devotees recite lord Krishna mantras and conduct poojas to get the blessings of lord Krishna. 
  • Also, the brass statue of Lord Krishna can be used to decorate the living room and other common spaces in the house.  It is a perfect gift that can be gifted or donated to family & friends for occasions such as  wedding, birthday, house-warming party, anniversary etc.

Weight :- 450 grams

Height :- 5.5" inches

Width :- 2.5" inches

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