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Shiva Brass Statue

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God Shiva Brass Statue

Known as a mighty destroyer of evil, Lord Shiva, the supreme deity of Saivism, is dominant and widely worshipped by the Hindus across the globe. According to ancient scripts, God Shiva performs the process of destruction and represents that every evil thing at the end will be turned into ashes. Viha has come up with a handmade statue of Lord Shiva, made of brass. The authentic brass sculpture of lord Shiva depicts the divine figure of lord Shiva. The brass statue is artistically carved with a half-moon crescent, and Ganga on his head along with the coiled snake and rudraksha mala around his neck.

Properties and Benefits of Viha Lord Shiva Statue:

  • Viha Brass statue of lord Shiva is an ideal product, neatly handcrafted for the devotees to worship and get blessings.
  • Worshipping with the brass lord Shiva statue helps to dissolve all the sins of a person. It seems that praying with the brass idol will liberate the devotees from the cycle of birth and death.
  • Lord Shiva brass sculpture brings positive changes in life if placed at the right place in pooja room. Lord Shiva eliminates the negative vibes and provides spiritual and mental well-being.
  • According to holy scripts, devotees who keep the brass Shiva statue is in the northeast corner, receives the whole benefits of welfare and positivity.
  • Other than pooja room, Viha Lord Shiva brass statue can be used as decor for home interior or workspace.

Weight :- 450 grams

Material :- Brass

Height :- 4" inches

Width :-3" inches

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