Varaha Perumal Mahalakshmi Brass Statue

Varaha Perumal Mahalakshmi Brass Statue

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Varaha Perumal Mahalakshmi Brass Statue

God Varaha is known as the 3rd avatar of the Hindu god - Vishnu among 10 avatars. According to ancient Hindu scripts, When the demon Hiranyaksha stole the goddess of earth (Described as the goddess Bhudevi) and hid her in the primordial waters, Lord Vishnu took Varaha avatar and rescued her. Since then, God Varaha is widely worshipped by the devotees of lord Vishnu. Thus, Viha has come up with a well curated statue of God Varaha for the devotees to worship the almighty and get blessed. The holy statue is crafted carefully with brass, an alloy that’s commonly used for making pooja essentials.

Benefits of Viha Varaha Perumal Brass Statue :

  • Viha lord Varaha statue is an ideal product, neatly handcrafted for the devotees to worship and get blessings.
  • The Brass Statue can be installed near the entrance of the home/ office/ shop or in the living room/ at reception/ study room or office cabin.
  • It seems that it creates peace in daily life and removes all the pains of life.
  • It relieves tension and stress, induces spiritual upliftment, enhances positive outlook towards life and increases prosperity in education and wealth.
  • Viha’s Brass idols have an excellent look and thus the property  makes “brass” a unique material for making idols.
  • Other than pooja room, Viha Lord Varaha brass statue can be used as decor for home interior or workspace.

Size :- 3.5" inches in height, 2.5" inches in width

Weight :- 310 grams

Material :- Brass

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