MOON STONE - 10.20 cts

MOON STONE - 10.20 cts

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Just like its name suggests, Moonstone is a gem that draws its mystical properties from the celestial influence of the moon. This semi-precious stone is revered for its unique attributes.


Moonstone is believed to serve as a protective talisman for travelers, acting as a stone of prophecy and a cherished gift for lovers. Opening the heart and sacral chakras, it enhances psychic abilities and fosters inner growth and intuition.


This sacred gem is associated with maintaining emotional balance and spiritual harmony through meditation, making it a valuable aid for those on a spiritual journey.


For women, Moonstone serves as a gemstone that enhances hormonal balance and energy, regulating menstrual disorders and offering relief during childbirth. For men, it encourages exploration of their emotional side and helps control aggression with its calming yin energy.


Moonstone proves extremely beneficial for travelers, ensuring safe journeys without losses or accidents. Its calming influence helps manage stress and eliminate negativity from the wearer's mind.

Beyond its spiritual aspects, Moonstone is known for its healing properties. It aids in curing diseases related to the spleen, pancreas, stomach, and liver. Improving the digestive system, it eliminates toxins from the blood.

This enchanting gem is also associated with bringing fortunes, adapting the wearer to transformations, and facilitating substantial business profits. Moonstone is said to attract true love into the wearer's life.

Ideal for medical practitioners, technocrats, and healthcare professionals, Moonstone encompasses a wealth of positive energies and benefits, making it a captivating and versatile gemstone.

Size - 10.20 Cts

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