Rudraksh 7 Chakra Pyramid
Rudraksh 7 Chakra Pyramid
Rudraksh 7 Chakra Pyramid
Rudraksh 7 Chakra Pyramid

Rudraksh 7 Chakra Pyramid

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The word orgone means life force or life energy generator. Rudraksha orgonite pyramid is a device which creates the source of power. It converts negative electromagnetic energy into a positive one. This pyramid is made of orgone energy source as well as 5 mukhi rudraksha. It also has a symbol of 'OM' which is very auspicious in Hinduism and a creator of all force.

BENEFITS of keeping Rudraksha Orgonite Pyramid:

  1. This Rudraksha Orgonite Pyramid will help create a peaceful environment by increasing positive flow of energy in your home or work place.
  2. It is beneficial not only to yourself but also animals and plants .
  3. As per research this pyramid will strengthen living body cells and enhance body's capability due to its vibrations on our body.
  4. Rudraksha orgonite pyramid protects from harmful radiation of Mobile phones, electronic devices etc.
  5. It will aid you in meditation by regulating your mood and a peaceful lifestyle.
  6. It Will Help in spiritual and mind growth.
  7. Rudraksha is best known for its health Benefits & in controlling stress.
  8. It is ideal for people seeking blessings of lord Shiva.

The 7 chakras in the pyramid helps to keep the seven Chakras at their right energy levels causing the owner to feel more balanced. Any task becomes attainable as it helps to focus on keeping the chakras open and replace negative thoughts with an optimistic outlook towards life.

Chakra 1 - "LAM" (Root), Chakra 2 - "VAM" (Navel), Chakra 3 - "RAM" (Solar Plexus), Chakra 4 - "YAM" (Heart), Chakra 5 - "HAM" (Throat), Chakra 6 - "OM" (Third Eye), Chakra 7 - "OM" (Crown).

Weight : 150 grams approx.

Height: 6.5 cms, Length : 7.5 cms


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