1) Use only Razorpay / Payumoney payment method at checkout -  for any doubts on how to place an international order pls watch this video:

2) Strictly no refunds / returns / exchange

3) Unspecified delay in delivery can be there due to ongoing Covid crisis

4) We will abide by all rules & regulations of Indian Customs & no question shall be raised against the same. Complete cooperation required

5) Items that are NOT ALLOWED for International shipping -

Rudraksh with Silver Cappings, Dharbai Pul, Darbai Rope, Devadaru wood stick
Plant Seeds (Groceries excluded), Karungali Kattai (Karungali Bangle,
Bracelet, Mala excluded), Gemstones, Gemstones Jewellery, any type of
Sangu, Cow Dung, Pachai Karpooram, Yerusingi, Incense sticks, Pathimugam, Vettiver, Wet Karumanjal, and Original Sandalwood. If you want Gemstones, Gemstone Jewellery, and Silver
Gomathi Ring/Pendant, Silver Sphatik Mala, please WhatsApp us on +91 88258 61822, we
can make arrangements to send these alone in India Post (additional
charges of approximately 300 INR for Jewellery Export charges will be
applicable for gemstones / silver articles).

6) Our shipping partner is DHL & we deliver throughout the world only via DHL (except under special circumstances) 

7) Remote Area Fee of ₹36 per kg with a minimum of ₹2100 will be charged extra for all remote area locations, so try to avoid ordering to remote locations

8) Address correction charges of ₹800 will be levied when the delivery address is found to be incorrect and DHL initiates an additional process to locate the correct address to complete the delivery

9) In very rare cases, Duties and Taxes Paid (DTP) surcharge can be imposed by your country government for which we will not be held responsible. VAT might be applicable for Canada orders

10) Invoices of orders will be mailed along with 'order confirmation email'

11) Please provide your reachable Whatsapp number in Shipping address along with valid e-mail ID

12) Customer care will only be available at INDIAN TIMINGS 10 am - 5 pm

13) The maximum weight allowed for a single consignment is 10 kgs & for a maximum of 1,00,000 INR. If your order is big, pls split them into 2 or more orders.

14) If the parcel is too big, volumetric weight method : (length x breadth x height) / 5000-  will be applied to calculate shipping charges, which maybe slightly higher & the extra amount needs to be paid

15) Final payment will be captured in INR only

16) Minimum delivery time is 15 business days (Indian- Destination country). May vary according to flight availability  / customs clearance. 

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