11 Face Rudraksh With Silver Cappings

11 Face Rudraksh With Silver Cappings

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11 Face Rudraksh with Silver Cappings

An Eleven Mukhi Rudraksha blesses its wearer with an adventurous, successful life, wisdom, precise judgmental power and magic. It also saves those people who wear this Rudraksh from accidental death. This Rudraksha gives control and command over all the six senses and therefore it is very helpful in meditation. This Rudraksha blesses the wearer with a child and cures insomnia, restlessness and hypertension. 11 Face Rudraksh is a special one for the spiritual aspirants. The ruling deity of the Rudraksh is Hanuman. The Rudraksh  symbolizes the 11 Rudraksh or the manifestations of Lord Shiva.

Ruling Gods - HANUMAN

Ruling Beej Mantra - OM HREEM HUM NAMAH

Wearing Day - Monday

With lab tested Certificate.

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