Arugampul Powder / Bermuda Grass Powder

Arugampul Powder / Bermuda Grass Powder

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Arugampul-(Botanical name:Cynodon dactylon),also called Bermuda grass,Bamaha grass,Devil's grass or Cough grass,Scutch grass and Dog's tooth grass.

Health Benefits of Arukam Pul (Bermuda Grass)

  • The Bermuda grass contains a hypoglycemic effect, so it helps to maintain the level of blood sugar and reduces fatigue. It is also used to prevent diabetes-related diseases.
  • The Arukam Pul contains bio-chemical compounds Cynodon dactylon protein fractions that boost the immunity of your body.
  • It has anti-microbial and anti-viral properties, improves your immune health, and fights against many diseases.
  • The Bermuda grass contains anti-ulcer activities that help to prevent ulcers. It fights against cold and decreases the phlegm.
  • It’s decoction help to eliminate the toxin from the body and works as a good detoxifier. It cures muscle weakness and tones the nervous system. Thus, it is good for overall wellbeing.
  • Doob grass for menstrual problems: Bermuda grass is effective for prolonged menstrual durations.
  • Taking the decoction of bermudagrass and honey 3-4 times in a day will control heavy menstrual period.
  • Continuos use of Bermuda cures digestion and stomach-related problems.
  • The Bermuda grass is an effective remedy for acidity.
  • By applying the juice of Bermuda grass over the affected area, you can get relief from eye infections. 

How to Consume Arukam Pul (Bermuda Grass) Internally

  • Take a mixture of Arukam Pul and cow butter for 20-48 days that help to treat body heat and body weakness.
  • Make grass juice and drink it daily morning in an empty stomach that will reduce your sugar level.
  • Take the grass powder with Keezhanelli in an empty stomach that controls your blood flow. Take some
  • Arukam Pul with pomegranate leaves, boil them in water and drink it. It is an effective remedy for eyes, nose, piles, and ear infections.
  • Take 35 gms of Arukam Pul powder with cow milk, heat them, and drink that will cure piles with blood.

How to Consume Arukam Pul (Bermuda Grass) Externally

  • Take some Bermuda grass and a small turmeric piece. Make a paste and apply this mixture in the area that cures skin diseases.
  • Take 50 gms of grass and 35 gms of black pepper. Cush it, then add 50 ml of ginger oil and keep them in sunlight. Apply this in your head instead of coconut oil that reduces your body heat and eye diseases.

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Arukampul powder

I use the arukampul just and Tamarac powder.It works.

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