Black Tourmaline Pyramid for Vastu
Black Tourmaline Pyramid for Vastu
Black Tourmaline Pyramid for Vastu
Black Tourmaline Pyramid for Vastu

Black Tourmaline Pyramid for Vastu

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Black Tourmaline Pyramid for Vastu- Guardian of Positive Energies

Black Tourmaline Pyramid is one of the most popular metaphysical stones. This stone works with the root chakra of the body and enhances vitality and energy. Place this pyramid at your work desk; it will remove all the negativities of your surroundings. It protects against stress and reduces negative thoughts. Protection against negative energy from people & places as well as evil forces. Harnessing the potent energies of the root chakra, this pyramid becomes a powerful guardian, promoting vitality, and creating an energetic shield against negativity.

Key Features:
1. Root Chakra Harmony: The Black Tourmaline Pyramid aligns with the root chakra, enhancing vitality and energy flow throughout the body.
2. Negative Energy Repellent: Place this pyramid on your work desk to dispel negativities in your surroundings, offering a shield against stress and reducing negative thoughts.
3. Protective Barrier: Experience unparalleled protection against negative energies from people, places, and even malevolent forces, fostering a safe and harmonious environment.
4. Holistic Healing: Renowned for its healing properties, Black Tourmaline is a powerhouse stone that supports physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.

1. Stress Reduction: The pyramid acts as a stress buster, shielding you from the detrimental effects of stress and promoting a serene atmosphere.
2. Negative Thought Dispeller: It works to reduce negative thoughts, fostering a positive and uplifting ambiance.
3. Energetic Boundary: Create a protective energetic boundary around you, ensuring a sanctuary of positive vibrations.

Invite the fortifying energies of the Black Tourmaline Pyramid into your living or working space. Explore Viha Online to discover the transformative power of this metaphysical stone and embrace the holistic protection it provides against the complexities of daily life.

Weight: 230 grams approx

Height: 7 cm, Length: 7.5 cm 

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews


toilet Vaastu


we have keep this in toilet

Thinku VS
toilet vastu

mam he in rent house our toilet sitting face is east said so we can keep this Pyramid in toilet

Vastu Remedy

Madam I got a Flat with south west entrace.
Is this Vastu pyramid is helpful for me or suggest any other remedy

Kamal s

Where should I place this at home, planning to buy this before purchasing need a clarification

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