Copper Kudam | Copper Kalasam

Copper Kudam | Copper Kalasam

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Copper Kudam is often used in abhishekam ceremonies where deities are anointed with sacred liquids like milk, water, and honey. This ritual signifies purification and devotion, and the copper material enhances the sanctity of the offering.

The Copper Kudam, also known as Copper Kalasam, is a revered vessel in Hindu traditions, symbolizing purity and auspiciousness. With a history deeply embedded in tradition, the Copper Kudam has played a vital role in Hindu ceremonies for generations. 

Temple Pujas: In temples, the opper Kudam is an integral part of pujas, holding water or other consecrated substances used in worship. Its presence adds a sacred touch to the rituals performed in these sacred spaces.

Festivals and Celebrations: During festivals and special occasions, the Copper Kudam takes on a prominent role, holding auspicious items and contributing to the festive atmosphere. It symbolizes prosperity, purity, and divine blessings.

Home Worship: Families often use the Copper Kudam for daily worship at home, making offerings to their personal deities. It becomes a centerpiece in domestic rituals, fostering a connection to ancestral traditions.

Viha Online proudly presents the Copper Kudam, a sacred vessel that encapsulates the spiritual essence of Hindu rituals.

Copper Kudam | Copper Kalash

weight :- 480 grams

length :- 7"inches

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