11 Spl Orange Gomathi Chakras Set

11 Spl Orange Gomathi Chakras Set

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Special Gomathi Chakra - Orange, 11 Nos

Embrace the positive energy and divine blessings with our Special Gomathi Chakra - Orange, a set of 11 sacred Gomati Chakras. These Gomati Chakras hold immense significance in Vastu and bring forth auspiciousness and prosperity into your home.

Key Features of our Special Gomathi Chakra - Orange:

1. Vastu Remedies: Gomati Chakras are known for their powerful ability to remove Vastu Dosha or imbalances in the energy of a space. By burying 11 Gomati Chakras in the foundation of your building, you can attract positive energies, protect against negative influences, and bring harmony, long life, and prosperity to the residents.

2. Divine Symbolism: The Gomati Chakra is believed to resemble the Sudarshan Chakra or Discus of Lord Krishna, a powerful weapon associated with protection and divine intervention. By possessing and honoring these sacred Chakras, you invite the divine blessings and grace of Lord Krishna into your life.

3. Protective Amulet: Gomati Chakras are also considered as protective amulets for children. It is believed that carrying or wearing Gomati Chakras can safeguard children from negative energies and provide them with divine protection.

4. Wealth and Good Health: Gomati Chakras are associated with attracting wealth and promoting good health. By keeping them in your home or sacred space, you invite prosperity and abundance into your life. The positive vibrations emitted by the Gomati Chakras can enhance overall well-being and create a harmonious environment.

5. Medium to Large Size: Our set of Special Gomathi Chakra - Orange contains medium to large-sized Gomati Chakras, allowing you to experience their powerful energy and visual beauty.

Invite the divine blessings and positive vibrations of our Special Gomathi Chakra - Orange into your life. Embrace the auspiciousness, prosperity, and protection they bring. Let these sacred Chakras enhance the positive energies in your space, fostering an environment of abundance, harmony, and well-being.

Note : Medium To Large Size Mixed

Quantity - 11 Nos

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
muthu parvathi
Regarding Special Gomathi Chakra - Orange

Hi mam, what is the difference between special orange Gomathi chakra, please let me know . i am interested to buy it.

Very special and cute

Thank you ma’am. I received my orders in time with good packing. I am in Sharjah and felt positive vibration after “Gomathi chakras” enter my home

Geetha Laxmi Ramayah
gomathi chakra

Hello Mam

How many should I buy if I were to use it for nilai vasal, cash box, Pooja room and carrying with me.

Kamatchi Kamatchi
Gomathi chakra

What's special in this chakra other than normal chakra

Need to buy gomati chakra

hi mam Im from Malaysia and would like to purchase it. Kindly update and thanks


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