Dhoobakkal / தூபக்கால்
Dhoobakkal / தூபக்கால்

Dhoobakkal / தூபக்கால்

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Dhoobakkal is a vessel used for burning the Dhoop Sambrani to purify the air. It is made of Brass with a wooden handle for a firm grip. It also avoids the heat being passed to the hand. It is mainly used to spread the sambrani smoke to all the parts of the home and temple to create a spiritual environment. It is used in the ancient days for holding Dhoop which creates a smoothing, spiritual and calm effect for the body and thus relieves the tension. It can be removed into parts easily for washing and is long lasting. Brass has a tendency to develop the black spots due to its nature.

Length - 10.5"

Height - 1.5"

Weight - 400 grams

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