Haldi / Turmeric Mala
Haldi / Turmeric Mala
Haldi / Turmeric Mala
Haldi / Turmeric Mala

Haldi / Turmeric Mala

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Viha Divya Haldi Mala or Turmeric Mala

Divya Haldi Mala or Turmeric Mala  is made of pulps of Turmeric, which is considered one of the most purifying herbs in Ayurveda. One who wears this mala attains peace of mind and gets rid of anxiety, depression and tensions. 

- Purifying Properties: Turmeric is renowned for its purifying properties in Ayurveda. Wearing this mala is believed to cleanse the mind and body, offering peace and serenity.

- Anxiety and Depression Relief: The Turmeric Mala is associated with alleviating anxiety, depression, and tensions. It serves as a calming influence on the wearer's mental and emotional well-being.

- Spiritual Powers: Those who wear this mala may experience an enhancement of spiritual powers. It is a symbol of divine connection and a tool for deepening one's spiritual practices.

- Fertility Symbol: Turmeric Mala has a connection with fertility, symbolizing the potential for growth, abundance, and vitality in various aspects of life.

- Count: The mala consists of 108+1 beads, representing the sacred count in traditional malas.

- Lab Tested Beads Certificate: Each Turmeric Mala comes with a lab-tested beads certificate, ensuring the authenticity and quality of the turmeric beads.

Experience the harmonious blend of tradition, spirituality, and well-being with the Divya Haldi Mala. Let it be a source of positive energy and a reminder of the holistic benefits that turmeric brings to your life.

Count : 108+1

With lab tested beads certificate.


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
While bathing can I wear haldi mala Avery day

Can i bath wearing haldi mala Avery day

can v use for mantra count in pooja room irrespective of god

can v use for mantra count in pooja room irrespective of god


Mam..procedure to use this mala,..I want to conceive .wat is the proces..plz tell

yamini BHASKAR

amma while chanting kula devam names 108 times can i use this mala for count or which
mala to use amma plz reply

Hello Ma'am,

Yes, Turmeric Mala can be used for the said purpose.

Malathi Rajendran

Expensive but worth

Welcome Newcomer