Durga Devi Statue - Big

Durga Devi Statue - Big

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Durga Devi Statue emerges as a profound representation of divine strength, courage, and grace. Crafted with reverence, this statue serves as a visual hymn to the awe-inspiring presence of Goddess Durga, a revered deity in Hindu mythology.

The Durga Devi Statue encapsulates the essence of the divine feminine, portraying Goddess Durga in all her formidable glory. With multiple arms carrying an array of weapons, she symbolizes the combined energies of various divine forces, signifying the unparalleled power of the feminine.

Goddess Durga, depicted with a resolute and fearless countenance, embodies courage that knows no bounds. The statue serves as a reminder that, in the face of life's battles and challenges, invoking inner strength and fearlessness can lead to triumph over adversity.

With her triumphant posture, Goddess Durga is often hailed as the protector against evil forces. The Durga Devi Statue is believed to emanate protective energies, creating a sacred space that wards off negativity and brings a sense of security to those who revere her.

Metal: Brass

Weight: 2500 grams,2kg 500 grams

Height: 9 inches

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Geetha Selambaram
Recieved my package

Hi i got my durgai amman statue recently, it was amazing same as in the picture and safely packed. So exited 😍😍😍😍. Thank you for Viha❤

priyanga anandan
Beautiful and smiling durga ma

I have searched many other sites for durga ma idol but the face of the idol is not beautiful as in viha. Worth the money.

Priya Vathana
happy to c our durgai amman daily

Amma kuda illatha kuraya theerka vanthrukanga

Durga devi

We received Durga devi statue on 7oct on Navaratri thank you for giving wonderful statue it look so divine and like durga devi as came to our home.

Durga statue

I want small size this durga smiling statue .please upload maam

Welcome Newcomer