Foot Crack Cream, 50g
Foot Crack Cream, 50g
Foot Crack Cream, 50g
Foot Crack Cream, 50g

Foot Crack Cream, 50g

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Foot Crack Cream

Viha Online Foot Crack Cream is meticulously crafted with organic and natural ingredients, offering a specialized solution for soothing achy, cracked heels. This cream goes beyond mere moisturization, employing a dual-action approach to ensure optimal foot care.

1.Organic Formulation: Crafted with care, the Foot Crack Cream is made from organic and natural ingredients. This commitment to purity ensures that your skin receives the best nature has to offer.

2. Intense Moisturization: The cream is designed to provide intense moisturization, addressing the discomfort associated with cracked heels. Its hydrating properties nourish the skin, promoting softness and suppleness.

3. Gentle Exfoliation: The formulation incorporates a gentle exfoliating action that buffs away dead skin cells. This aids in promoting smoother skin texture while enhancing the overall effectiveness of the cream.

4. Tough Callus Treatment: Viha Online Foot Crack Cream is equipped to tackle tough calluses. By targeting these hardened areas, it contributes to the gradual restoration of your skin's natural smoothness.

5. Athlete's Foot Relief: Beyond addressing cracked heels, the cream is adept at providing relief from athlete's foot. Its soothing properties work to alleviate discomfort associated with this common condition.

6. Dryness Combat:The cream acts as a shield against dryness, preventing further moisture loss. Regular use helps in maintaining the skin's natural moisture balance, keeping it nourished and healthy.

When to use: Slather the cream on your feet before bedtime to wake up to significantly softer skin.

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Sowmya n
Good ....

Good one

Naga lakshmi
Foot crack cream

hi mam,

very nice product .Within 1 week we are received good result .I feel more satisfied with this product..i request to find any gel to remove under eye black circles.

Jothi Geevaretnam
the best

able to see improvement is 3 days. this is the best foot cream

Ish Vignesh
Foot Cream Magic

I am using this product for last 20 days it works like a magic on my cracked heels
Don't know how to express my was spending money on Pedicure 2 months and they will charge more for too much of crack this cream is just a saviour
Hard skin on foot also changing Thank you soo much for this magic cream Mam

Hema Vasudevan
Very Effective

One of the best foot cream I have seen. It has started showing good results from the very first day. The cracks have closed and the skin is becoming soft. Great product. Must try.

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