Garudan Samba Rice

Garudan Samba Rice

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Garudan Samba Rice (Arisi)

Popularly known for its rich benefits in fiber and nutrients, Garudan Samba Rice is a traditional rice variety that every youngster should consume. The traditional and organic rice variety - Garudan Samba has a unique nutty flavor which many rice varieties lack. The rice variety works smart by improvising the immune system with it's natural supplements.

Benefits of Garudan Samba Rice :

  • The rice variety cures urinary tract infections and body tumors naturally.
  • Experts revealed that the rice variety reverses blood anemia, and act as an anti-cancer, anti-skin problem agent with its indigenous properties.
  • Above all, the traditional rice variety Improves immune power and helps your body fight against blood tumors and other health ailments subject to blood.

Weight :- 500 grams

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