Gomati Chakra/Kundrinmani/Venkadugu Vastu Pyramid

Gomati Chakra/Kundrinmani/Venkadugu Vastu Pyramid

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Gomati Chakra Kundrinmani Venkadugu Vastu Pyramid - A Divine Synergy of Protection and Prosperity

Unveil the mystical powers of the Gomati Chakra Kundrinmani Venkadugu Vastu Pyramid, a harmonious blend of ancient wisdom and divine energy. This unique pyramid combines the auspicious Gomati Chakra, Kundrinmani, and Venkadugu to create a powerful talisman that safeguards your home and invites abundance into your life.

Gomati Chakra - A Symbol of Prosperity:

Immerse yourself in the allure of the Gomati Chakra, found in the sacred waters of the Gomati River. Adorned with small circles on one side, these white-colored stones are revered as a representation of Goddess Lakshmi, the bestower of wealth and fortune. Embrace the blessings of prosperity as you welcome the Gomati Chakra into your space.

Kundrinmani - A Gateway to Spiritual Connection:

Unlock the spiritual depths with the Kundrinmani, an enchanting gemstone that fosters a profound connection with the divine. Let its energy guide you on a journey of self-discovery, enhancing your intuition and inner wisdom. Embrace the Kundrinmani's mystical essence and embark on a path of spiritual growth and enlightenment.

Venkadugu - A Shield of Protection:

Empower your space with the protective energies of the Venkadugu, a symbol of safeguarding against negative influences and evil forces. Allow its powerful aura to envelop your surroundings with a shield of divine protection, ensuring a safe and harmonious environment.

A Divine Trinity:

The Gomati Chakra Kundrinmani Venkadugu Vastu Pyramid brings together the sacred energies of these three powerful elements - Gomati Chakra, Kundrinmani, and Venkadugu. Their synergistic union creates a potent force that not only purifies the atmosphere but also attracts prosperity and good health into your life.

Craftsmanship and Specifications:

Our Gomati Chakra Kundrinmani Venkadugu Vastu Pyramid weighs approximately 192 grams and measures 6 cms in height and 7.5 cms in length. Each piece is carefully crafted with precision and care, ensuring its beauty and effectiveness.

Embrace the Divine Energies:

Harness the divine energies of the Gomati Chakra Kundrinmani Venkadugu Vastu Pyramid and invite blessings of prosperity, protection, and spiritual growth into your life. Experience the transformative power of this sacred pyramid as it radiates positivity and abundance in your home.

Weight : 192 Grams approx.

Height: 6 cms, Length : 7.5 cms

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews


I want gomathi chakra /kundarmami/venkadugu praymid

Ninice i loved it

Komathi chakram

Main road thimmarajampettai. Kanchipuram post. Walajabad dt

Gomathi cakra

Good product I like it.

Good product

Mam, please suggest a pyramid for remove paranormal disturbances, peace at home,good health and wealth for us. There is no saving at all. Hopefully this pyramid will help us with all we wanted.please advise mam.

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