Herbal Napkin With Wings - Small (6 Pieces)

Herbal Napkin With Wings - Small (6 Pieces)

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Herbal Napkin with wings Small (6 pieces)

A pure organic herbal pads are made with the finest organic cotton,leaving a surface so soft.Those who use this feel healthy and good about yourself is not a luxury-it's an absolute necessity.

Those who use Viha's Organic pad feels stress-free,rash free period keeps you protected against leakage and wetness Premium Quality,Organic,Skin-friendly and Bio degradable.


*Made of Paruthi cotton.No harmful synthetics or chemicals.

*Pure biodegradable pads-which is handmade with Natural ingredients like herbs with 7 layers.

*Our organic pure herbal pads are lab tested.

*We placed natural herbal powders which eliminates smells,infections,Pcod and many problems.

*Our Organic natural herbal pads not harm to nature and women too.Herbal powders will keep away from unknown problems.

Size - Small

Packing contains 6 pads


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