Karungali Wood Bracelet - 12 mm
Karungali Wood Bracelet - 12 mm
Karungali Wood Bracelet - 12 mm
Karungali Wood Bracelet - 12 mm

Karungali Wood Bracelet - 12 mm

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Discover the Enchanting Karungali Bracelet - Embrace Nature's Serenity!

Experience the captivating allure of Viha's Karungali Bracelet in 8 mm, as it gracefully weaves together the essence of nature and the charm of ancient traditions. This bracelet, crafted from authentic Karungali wood, offers a tranquil and grounding presence that connects you to the timeless beauty of Mother Earth.

Embrace Nature's Serenity:
Karungali wood, renowned for its grounding properties, brings the serenity of nature into your everyday life. The bracelet's earthy tones and natural texture create a soothing aura, making it a perfect companion for moments of reflection and meditation.

Elevate Your Style:
Featuring a sleek and versatile design, this Karungali bracelet complements a wide range of attire, be it casual or formal. Its simplicity and elegance add a touch of understated charm to your ensemble, making it an ideal accessory for various occasions.

Authentic Craftsmanship:
Each bead of the Karungali bracelet is meticulously handcrafted to maintain the wood's raw beauty. The intricate details and artisanal craftsmanship showcase the rich cultural heritage of ancient traditions, adding a sense of depth and authenticity to your adornment.

Embody Inner Harmony:
As you don this Karungali bracelet, feel the connection with nature and embrace the essence of balance and tranquility it offers. Its presence serves as a gentle reminder to seek harmony within yourself and with the world around you.

Thoughtful Gift:
This Karungali Bracelet in 12 mm makes for a meaningful and thoughtful gift, symbolizing your care and appreciation for the recipient's well-being. Share the tranquility of nature and the beauty of traditional craftsmanship with your loved ones.

Karungali Bracelet - 12 mm 


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Feeling blessed

Giving lots of positive energy.rejuvanating and feeling blessed

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first order next time comment sent i

Chitra Gounder
karungali bracelet

yantha hand lla podanum ngaa mom

karungali requires astrologer suggestion?

can everyone wear this bracelet? or should i see my horoscope and wear?

What should be the count of beads in bracelet

What should be the count of beads in bracelet. Do we ha e 11 or 27 beads variants please.

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