Karunguruvai Rice

Karunguruvai Rice

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Karunkuruvai Parboiled Rice

Karunguruvai Parboiled Rice is something you should include in your diet chart. The traditional rice variety has nutritious health benefits that keeps your body Young and Healthy. As per records, the popular rice variety is used to heal leprosy and other dreadful ailments.

Health Benefits of Karunguruvai Parboiled Rice : 

  • The organic and traditional rice variety helps individuals in keeping Diabetics controlled and reduce the risk of getting heart ailments. It seems that the rice helps to reduce bad cholesterol.

  • Karunguruvai rice helps  patients with chicken pox, Arthritis and elephantiasis to get recover soon.

  • It removes all impurities and toxins from the body, and improves body's immune system.

  • It also has anti-ageing benefits of Kaya Kalpa yoga ( a famous yoga done by Vethathiri Maharishi).

  • Karunguruvai rice plays a major role in improving the bile function,  hormone secretions and enhances fertility properties.

  • When compared to other rice varieties, it has more than 4 times of iron content, which helps in the formation of red blood cells.

  • Experts following Siddha medicine recommend Karunguruvai for patients suffering from Anemia, weakness, malnutrition and excessive cloud retention.

    Weight: 500 g
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