Kattu Yanam Rice

Kattu Yanam Rice

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Well known for its nutritional benefits that strengthen bones, the traditional rice variety -  Kattu Yanam Rice is a must staple in an individual's diet. It seems that the indigenous rice variety is widely grown and cultivated in the forest areas and areas with harsh temperatures as it can withstand dry conditions which are common in tropical land mass. Experts say that the traditional rice variety can provide a bone strength equivalent to a “Forest Elephant” that’s why it is named as “Kattu Yanam”. 

Benefits of Kattu Yanam Rice :

  • It seems that continuous intake of Kattu Yanam rice improves the bone density, which is a most common in women.
  • It seems it also helps people with Diabetes and other ailments. 
  • Experts found that the nutritional values in Kattu Yanam Rice also act as an anti aging property and helps to stay Young and fit.
  • Presence of Anthocyanin in kattu yanam rice helps to prevent from Vision Disorders and liver Dysfunction problems.
  • Kattu yanam rice also helps to prevent Anemia as it contains zinc, Manganese, Iron and other nutrients.

Weight:-500 grams

kattuyanam rice 

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