Kottaram Samba Rice

Kottaram Samba Rice

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Kottaram Samba Rice is one of the least known traditional rice varieties that's purportedly cultivated for the means of the royal family. Widely cultivated in Kanyakumari District, the Kottaram Samba rice had it's deep roots in the royal family's menu due to its nutritional values. The nomenclature of Kottaram Samba Rice is within itself, the term Kottaram refers to Palace and Samba refers it's variety. Hence, it seems that this traditional rice variety was mainly grown for the royal family members in olden days. On other hand, some experts suggest it's nature of growth against harsh climatic conditions would have made ancestors to name so.

Benefits of Kottaram Samba Rice :

  • Kottaram Samba Rice is of the rare traditional rice variety with less carbohydrates and more nutritional values.
  • The vitamins and supplements in Kottaram Samba Rice increases immune strength and helps consumers to stay healthy.
  • Experts say that Kottaram Samba Rice increases hemoglobin content in blood and stabilize immune system.
  • It seems the rice variety has values that helps with natural weight loss and stay young.

Weight:-500 grams

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