Kuberar Green Agal Vilakku

Kuberar Green Agal Vilakku

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Illuminate your home with the divine radiance of Kuberar Green Agal Vilakku, adorned with the auspicious Kuberar number yantra. This exquisite lamp holds the sacred power of Lord Kuberar, the celestial treasurer and bestower of wealth and prosperity. Lighting the Agal Vilakku daily invokes the blessings of Kuberar, bringing abundance, success, and well-being into your abode.

Key Features:

Prosperity and Good Fortune: The Kuberar Green Agal Vilakku is revered for its ability to attract good luck, wealth, and financial growth. By lighting this lamp regularly, you invite the divine energies of Kuberar into your home, ensuring a harmonious flow of prosperity.

Divine Illumination: The flickering flame of the Agal Vilakku symbolizes the dispelling of darkness, ignorance, and negativity. It not only brightens your physical space but also kindles the light of wisdom and positivity in your heart.

Sacred Kuberar Number Yantra: The lamp's design includes the powerful Kuberar number yantra, amplifying its auspicious vibrations. This yantra enhances the positive energies in your surroundings, fostering an atmosphere of abundance and abundance.

Spiritual Significance: In Hindu tradition, lighting lamps is considered a sacred ritual that purifies the atmosphere and dispels negative energies. By lighting the Kuberar Green Agal Vilakku, you create a spiritually uplifting environment that attracts blessings and positive transformations.

Enhancing Aesthetics: Crafted with precision and elegance, this Agal Vilakku is not just a symbol of divinity but also an exquisite piece of decor that adds a touch of beauty and sanctity to your living spaces.

Daily Ritual of Abundance: Embrace the practice of lighting the Kuberar Green Agal Vilakku every day, preferably during evening prayers or special occasions. Let its divine glow fill your home with abundance, prosperity, and joy.

Experience the sacred aura and the bountiful blessings of Lord Kuberar with the Kuberar Green Agal Vilakku. Embrace this time-honored tradition to welcome prosperity, fortune, and positivity into your life.

Material : Earth Soil, Weight : 160 gms.

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Customer Reviews

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Bharathi Nandakumar
Green Kubera vilakku

It’s really very nice . Good one . I liked it so much


Mam kuberar green thiri separate a kudunga plz.

Nanditha vinoth
Vilaku kubera


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