Kundrinmani Red Colour  - 11 Pieces

Kundrinmani Red Colour - 11 Pieces

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Youtube Link For Kundrinmani : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1tcoRAGg0Y&t=64s

According  to Vedic Texts Keeping Red Chirmi / Gunja Seeds attracts wealth to the Person. It can be placed in Cash box, Jewellery Box, Wallets and all places where we keep moentary items. Chirmi beads are considered as very lucky from ancient times. They are found in the mountains of Aravali valley from hundreds of year. Negativity and bad luck stays away from the person. Legends It is believed in the legends that these auspicious beads are not easy to find and cannot be found by everyone, in fact the beads themselves chooses the person with whom they want to be and will not go to a unlucky person.

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