Kullakar Rice

Kullakar Rice

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Kullakar rice is an ancient rice variety, widely grown and consumed in India. The traditional rice variety possesses antioxidants properties, and higher zinc and  iron content. Thus these properties makes Kullakar Rice different from other regular polished rice varieties.

Benefits of Kullakar Rice :

  • Kullakar rice contains carbohydrates that are good for health, and nutrients that strengthen the nervous system.
  • Individuals with Diabetes and BP can have idli and dosa made with Kullakar Rice. It helps them to control sugar levels and blood pressure.
  • It seems the traditional rice variety works on cell-regeneration and helps individuals to get a fairer skin tone.
  • Above all, Kullakar Rice improves immunity and stamina among all age groups.
  • According to Experts, Kullakar Rice has great source of energy that energize body, prevent skin diseases and premature aging.

How to use:-

  • Soak for half an hour before cooking.
  • Soak rice over night for idly, dosa 

 Weight:-500 grams

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