Lakshmi Kuberar Big Statue Pooja Set With Free Green Kuber Agal Vilakku

Lakshmi Kuberar Big Statue Pooja Set With Free Green Kuber Agal Vilakku

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 Lakshmi Kuberar Pooja Set

Lakshmi kuberar Pooja increases financial asset and eradicates stress. Strengthens self-esteem and improves the financial status. Helps in gaining prosperity and wealth in life. It eliminates misery and financial issues and helps bring in peace in life.

1.Lakshmi Kuber Statue Big (Material - POP)-1=Rs.1600

2.Kuber Gold Plated Yantra-1=Rs.2200

3.Kuber Number Plate Yantra Big-1=Rs.250

4.Kuber Gold Plated Coins 108-1=Rs.1800

5.Kuber Coins Pot-1=Rs.600

6.Kuber Brass Vilakku-1=Rs.200

7.Kuber Green Kumkum 100 grams-1=Rs.80

8.Kuber Green Thread-1=Rs.20

9.Kuber Green Agal Vilakku-1=free

10.Kuber Green Thiri-1 packet=Rs.40

11.Lotus Seed Mala-1=Rs.250

12.Wooden Manai-1=Rs.199

13.Green Cloth-1=Rs.20

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews

For good health, business growth in career, for children studies, abundance in wealth what do you advise?

Chitra Devi V
very very super pack..must buy...

Highly satisfied..very good packing..all products were come in good condition..thank u Anitha mam..I must follow u ever..continue shopping in viha..

Nice products

Thank you ma 😊 we received a package in good condition . Nice and safe packing.

Anushshanthi Ranganaathasarma
Grate service

Thank you. I received my order in time. I was very happy with my purchase. I will keep shopping on your side.

Value for Money

Mam, I ordered Lakshmi kuber set big size. I was in dilemma when I ordered it but when I received the idol I cannot express how happy I was, to receive it. The quality is very good, along with that I ordered Swamy thilaga powder, original gorochan, 11 pooja set etc. Each and every product is very good in quality. Thats what all I wanted. I am a resident of UP, I can get all the things here itself but I am not sure about the quality. Most of the dealers ensure original product but don't deliver. It's an online product but excellent quality. I can blind trust this website and order the things in future as well.
Thank you very much.

Welcome Newcomer