Nutmeg /Jayphal / Jathikkai

Nutmeg /Jayphal / Jathikkai

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Nutmeg /Jayphal / Jathikkai



Health Benefits of Nutmeg (Jathikai)

1. Relives Pain 

Nutmeg has anti-inflammatory properties, and essential volatile oils have chemicals such as elemicin, myristicin, eugenol, and safrol, which can help reduce the pain and discomfort.

2. Helps Treat Insomnia

Nutmeg seemed to have properties to treat insomnia when consumed in small doses as it has a calming effect. Various ancient medications and practices show that nutmeg can induce sleepiness and stressing effects while sleeping. 

3. Helps Digestion

The medicinal properties of nutmeg help in digestion and even treat stomach ulcers. Most Indian recipes have this spice, and even desserts are laced with this spice as it helps for easy digestion. 

4. Brain Health

Nutmeg acts as an aphrodisiac that can stimulate the nerve systems in the brain. The healthy chemicals in this spice release the feel-good hormones in our body, which in back offers a calming effect on your brain. Nutmeg works as a tonic to lift your mood and alleviate stress. 

5. Treats Bad Breath

The overloaded toxin in the body causes bad breath. An unhealthy diet and lifestyle create toxins in your body. Nutmeg has essential oil to detoxify the organs by removing the toxins from the kidney and liver.

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