Organic Foxtail Millet | Thinai Arisi

Organic Foxtail Millet | Thinai Arisi

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Organic Foxtail Millet 

Foxtail Millet is one of the traditional rice alternatives, considered seriously for its vitamin rich values and medicinal supplements to treat Diabetics, BP, Cholesterol, etc.

Benefits of Foxtail Millet:

  • Organic Foxtail Millet is rich in Vitamin B12, an essential supplement meant for maintaining a healthy heart, smooth functioning of the nervous system.
  • The millet Variety is good for skin and hair growth.
  • Experts recommend diabetic patients to include Foxtail millet in their diet, as it improves glycemic control, reduce insulin, cholesterol and fasting glucose in Type-2 diabetes patients.
  • The traditional staple is also rich in iron and calcium, which helps to strengthen the immune system and balances the blood sugar level.
  • Above all, Foxtail millet is rich in complex carbohydrates and dietary supplements. This helps people to lose weight by maintaining a balanced diet.

Weight - 500 Gram

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