Vastu Bagua Mirror Outside

Vastu Bagua Mirror Outside

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Vastu Bagua Mirror: Shielding Your home / Office with Positive Energy

Introducing the Vastu Bagua Mirror, a spiritual tool for fortifying your living or workspace against negative energiea.With its exceptional abilities, this mirror serves as a guardian, repelling harmful energies and fostering a harmonious atmosphere.

Harnessing Protective Energies: By strategically placing the Bagua Mirror above your main entrance, you can create a powerful barrier against malevolent forces and negative vibes. As a safeguard, it acts as a reflective shield, sending back any harmful energies directed towards your home, shop, or office.

Radiate Positivity, Ward Off Negativity: As a defender of your space, the Bagua Mirror deflects and dispels the negativity that may attempt to infiltrate. Its reflective surface works as a deterrent, redirecting bad energy away from your environment.

Guidelines for Placement: The Bagua Mirror should find its place just above the front door, where it can intercept and neutralize any negative energy that may approach. While its protective powers are remarkable, it's essential to treat this tool with respect and care, as its effects are substantial.

Empower Your Space with the Vastu Bagua Mirror: Elevate your surroundings to a higher vibrational level with the Vastu Bagua Mirror. Let its potent energy shield you and your loved ones, allowing only positivity and harmony to enter your abode.

Diameter - 5.5 inches

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Fengshui based Bagua mirror

I purchased Bagua mirror from Viha online.this is extremely nice product on reliable price.service is very actually works.
I am very happy to purchase this product from viha.

Bagua Mirror

Bagua Mirror Drives away Evil powers. I am going to buy this today and put at the top of the main entrance door of the house which is facing north. Let me see how it is going to give changes in my life . Life is all about experiments.

Can make it small?

Hello Ma’am do you have a small size ? I bought this it’s very big for my house, if you can give us very small size it’ll be nice, thank you Ma’am 🙏🙏🙏



Apartment door

Hi mam...
Can I place this mirror inside apartment above my main door?

Welcome Newcomer