Sivan Samba Rice

Sivan Samba Rice

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Sivan Samba Rice (Arisi)

Well known for its deep root existence and connection with Cuisines of Tamil Nadu, the traditional rice variety - Sivan Samba rice is something every youngster should consume. The rice has a rich source of nutrients that contributes to a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Benefits of Sivan Samba Rice : 

  • The rice variety - Sivan Samba Rice can be used to make varieties of food, as its aroma and taste adds bonus  to the cuisine, other than health benefits.
  • It seems that it helps to improve bone health and muscle development.
  • Sivan samba rice is a good source of iron and zinc, which increases  myoglobin and hemoglobin level. Myoglobin and hemoglobin deliver oxygen to muscles and tissues keeping the body high in energy level.
  • Experts say that the traditional rice variety - Sivan Samba Rice is suitable for all ages, and can be used as an alternative to ordinary rice as it helps to ease the digestion process.
  • It seems that Sivan Samba Rice contains essentials nutrients and vitamins needed for the body.

Weight :- 500 grams

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