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Weight : 170 g

Height  : 7 inch 


  • The trishul in this hindu pooja item represents the basic three divine ethics like creation, sustenance & destruction. It is a symbol of protection that guards your home and family against misfortune & bad luck.
  • This trisakthi acts as a decorative piece .You can also use it as a unique gift for any occasion.
  • Trishul protects from mental imbalance and helps in meditating mind. It comes with blessings of all deities and removes negativity.

    Trishul represents the three aspects of consciousness – waking, dreaming and sleeping, and it represents the three gunas – satva, rajas and tamas. Holding a trishul (Trident) signifies that Shiva (the divinity) is above all the three states – waking, dreaming and sleeping, yet is the upholder of these three states.

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