Tiger Shankh - 5.5"
Tiger Shankh - 5.5"
Tiger Shankh - 5.5"
Tiger Shankh - 5.5"

Tiger Shankh - 5.5"

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Tiger Shankh, Your Gateway to Prosperity and Auspicious Energies that symbolize wealth and prosperity. This sacred conch, when placed in your place of worship, is believed to carry immense auspiciousness, attracting good luck and dispelling negative energies.

1. Wealth and Prosperity: The Tiger Shankh is renowned for its association with wealth and prosperity. Keep it at your place of worship to invite the energies of abundance and financial well-being into your life.

2. Auspicious Symbol: Regarded as a symbol of divine blessings, the Dakshinavarti Shankh is considered highly auspicious in Hindu traditions. Its presence is believed to infuse your surroundings with positive vibrations.

3. Good Luck Charm: Embrace the Tiger Shankh as a harbinger of good luck. The unique patterns on the conch signify strength and resilience, providing you with the courage to face challenges and overcome obstacles.

4. Removal of Negative Energies: The sacred energies of the Tiger Shankh are thought to purify your living space by dispelling negative energies. Its placement in your home acts as a protective shield against malevolent forces.

Orientation: Right-Handed

The right-handed orientation of the Tiger Shankh, known as Dakshinavarti Shankh, holds special significance in Hindu traditions. It is believed to enhance the auspiciousness of the conch, aligning it with the positive energies flowing from the southern direction.

Worship and Placement:

- Incorporate the Tiger Shankh into your daily worship rituals to invite divine blessings and auspiciousness.

- Position the Shankh in your home altar or sacred space to create a spiritually charged environment.

- Embrace the conch's presence during special occasions and ceremonies to amplify the positive energies.

Weight: 170 g

Height: 5.5" inches

(Prohibited for International Shipping)

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