Kudavazhai Rice

Kudavazhai Rice

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Traditional Kudavazhai Rice

 Known for it's fibre fact, Kudavazhai Rice at Viha is an inevitable medicine for diabetic patients and individuals planning to take fitness challenge. The traditional rice variety belongs to red rice family, and is widely grown in coastal belt of Vedaranyam. The traditional rice variety can be consumed as Porridge, Upma, Dosa, Pancakes and plain rice varieties.

 Benefits of Kudavazhai Rice :

  •  Kudavazhai Rice boosts immune system and helps individuals in building muscle strength.
  • Kudavazhai Rice helps individuals to keep diabetics in control.
  • The rice variety is rich in fibre, which cures the constipation and cleanses the intestines and improves digestion.
  • Above all, Kudavazhai Rice is rich in vitamins and minerals

Weight :- 500 grams

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