Vallarai / Brahmi Idli Powder

Vallarai / Brahmi Idli Powder

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Vallarai / Brahmi Idli Powder is a wholesome and nutritious mix that combines the goodness of Vallarai (Brahmi) leaves with other traditional ingredients. At Viha Online, we take pride in offering you the finest quality Vallarai / Brahmi Idli Powder, made with authentic and natural ingredients. Enjoy a healthy and flavorful idli experience that nourishes your body and mind.

Nutrient-packed Idli Mix: Vallarai / Brahmi Idli Powder is loaded with essential nutrients that contribute to your overall well-being. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, which support brain health, boost immunity, and promote vitality. With every bite, you can experience the goodness of Vallarai / Brahmi and other nutritious ingredients.

Health Benefits: Consuming Vallarai / Brahmi Idli Powder offers a range of health benefits:

  1. Cognitive Function: Vallarai (Brahmi) is known for its potential cognitive-enhancing properties, which can support memory, concentration, and overall brain health.

  2. Nutritional Boost: The blend of ingredients in Vallarai / Brahmi Idli Powder provides a nutritional boost, offering vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that contribute to a healthy diet.

  3. Digestive Wellness: The fermented idlis made from Vallarai / Brahmi Idli Powder are gentle on the stomach and promote healthy digestion, ensuring you start your day with ease.

  4. Immune Support: The natural ingredients in Vallarai / Brahmi Idli Powder help strengthen the immune system, making it a perfect choice for maintaining overall health.

At Viha Online, we prioritize the quality and authenticity of our products. Our Vallarai / Brahmi Idli Powder is made with carefully selected ingredients and undergoes strict quality checks to ensure a premium and nutritious idli mix. Start your day with Viha's Vallarai / Brahmi Idli Powder and experience the goodness of traditional flavors with added health benefits.

Weight: 100 gm

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