Vastu Tortoise
Vastu Tortoise
Vastu Tortoise
Vastu Tortoise

Vastu Tortoise

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The Vastu Tortoise has a deep-rooted significance in Hinduism and Vastu Shastra, the ancient Indian science of architecture and spatial arrangement. Tortoises have been revered since Vedic times and are associated with Lord Vishnu's Kurma Avatar, where he took the form of a tortoise to support Mount Mandara during the churning of the ocean. 

The Vastu Tortoise is typically placed in homes and workplaces as a powerful tool to enhance positive energy and ensure a balanced and harmonious environment. According to Vastu Shastra, its placement in the North direction of a space can attract wealth and prosperity, while positioning it in the East can promote health and longevity.

The tortoise is often used as a remedy to counteract Vastu defects and to stabilize the flow of energy, making it an essential item for those looking to improve the energy dynamics of their living or working space.

  • It helps in magnifying its power.
  • It will help in fighting several illnesses while helping you and your family to stay healthy and away from any illness
  • Placing it near the bed head helps to remove all sorts of anxieties if any. This is also beneficial in solving insomnia and helps you to deal with it better. If your child is having a tough time sleeping alone, then you can keep it near the child’s bed.

Weight - 50 g

Height - 1"

Length - 4"

Breadth - 3"

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Vastu tortoise for home

Madam for the first time we have placed order to this product as we have seen through your videos.

Anil kumar borgohain

As per advice of vastu expert they have asked to keep the tortoise under bulding staircase. Can you send me one? Argently needed please response.

Saranya Yugesh Kumar

I bought this vastu tortoise pls tell where we have to keep at home and which direction is best to keep

Ma'am, please watch the following video to learn all about Vastu Tortoise.

வாஸ்து ஆமை

Product super

Paramasivam Krishnaveny

J’ai aimé

Welcome Newcomer