Vastu Tortoise
Vastu Tortoise
Vastu Tortoise
Vastu Tortoise

Vastu Tortoise

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Weight - 50 g

Height - 1"

Length - 4"

Breadth - 3"

Placing the tortoise in the home or office will help you with a lot of benefits in your life. It gives long life to people in the family. 

  • Facing the tortoise in the right direction helps induce positive energy. It recommends that you place a few objects in a specific direction in order to gain maximum profit.
  • It helps in magnifying its power.
  • It will help in fighting several illnesses while helping you and your family to stay healthy and away from any illness
  • Placing it near the bed head helps to remove all sorts of anxieties if any. This is also beneficial in solving insomnia and helps you to deal with it better. If your child is having a tough time sleeping alone, then you can keep it near the child’s bed.

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