Maroon Liquid Sindoor
Maroon Liquid Sindoor
Maroon Liquid Sindoor
Maroon Liquid Sindoor

Maroon Liquid Sindoor

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Experience the Elegance of Viha Sindoor & Kumkum

Viha presents the perfect blend of tradition and beauty with our Viha Sindoor & Kumkum. Immerse yourself in the essence of Indian culture and spirituality with these auspicious products that hold significant importance in rituals and celebrations.

Viha Sindoor:

Our Viha Sindoor is carefully crafted with love and reverence, following ancient recipes. Made from natural ingredients, it adds a divine touch to your daily prayers and worship. The vibrant red color symbolizes devotion and brings prosperity to your life. Embrace the essence of femininity and spirituality with Viha Sindoor.

Viha Kumkum:

Experience the enchanting allure of Viha Kumkum, which holds immense spiritual significance in Indian traditions. Made with pure and natural ingredients, our Kumkum is perfect for adorning deities, applying tilak during religious ceremonies, and offering prayers. Its deep crimson hue represents auspiciousness and invokes blessings from the divine.

Key Features:

1. Authentic Formulation: Viha Sindoor & Kumkum are made following traditional recipes, ensuring their authenticity and sacredness.

2. Natural & Safe: We use only natural ingredients to create these products, guaranteeing their purity and safety for your skin and spiritual practices.

3. Spiritual Significance: Sindoor & Kumkum hold profound spiritual meaning, and their application brings blessings, prosperity, and protection.

4. Rituals & Celebrations: Enhance the beauty and sanctity of your rituals and celebrations with the vibrant hues of Viha Sindoor & Kumkum.

5. Thoughtful Packaging: Our Sindoor & Kumkum come in meticulously designed containers, making them perfect for gifting or personal use.

Immerse Yourself in Tradition:

With Viha Sindoor & Kumkum, embrace the rich heritage of Indian culture and spirituality. These sacred products will enhance your spiritual practices and add a touch of elegance to your rituals.

Celebrate Devotion & Beauty:

Infuse your life with the sacred colors of Viha Sindoor & Kumkum. Embrace your devotion and beauty with these symbolic products, cherished for generations.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Wow smell

Meenakshi Jayaraman
Colour varied

Maroon colour very dim. It is not the same as it looks in picture

Saranya Vignesh

I made an order on 28th Jan late evening for Gomathi chakra 11 pcs, Gomathi chakra ring for self and husband, different types of wicks, Luxmi Kubera picture, Maroon Sindhoor. I never received any confirmation except the payment confirmation from bank.
But I received my order on 2nd February and it was fantastic service. Packaging was beyond words. Product quality was good and worth the price.

Continue this wonderful job Viha team. Thanks Anitha Aunty. Lots of Love.. I am making my next set of orders today :) Please don't hesitate or panic if you do not receive any order confirmation or slight delays. Trust their service! I turned to be a loyal customer from the first purchase itself!!

Rajesh Kannan

Please make sure the box given in conditioned form.becoz it is leaking


Awesome 👍

Welcome Newcomer