Vishnu Padham

Vishnu Padham

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Vishnu Padha made of good quality copper. Worshiping the feet (otherwise called Bhagavathas) of the Lord is equivalent to worshiping the Lord himself. Vishnu Padha has all the divya ayudhas (weapons) Shri Vishnu holds in his hands and the Lotus, to protect his devotees, hence considered to be auspicious. Sipping / taking the holy water after abhisheka from the Vishnu Padha drives away all the Sins of the past, present and future. Usually during Shraardha, one Pinda is kept at the Vishnu Padha, which marks the successful completion of the Shraardha. Can be kept in Pooja room.

Weight - 50 grams

Length - 9 cm

Breadth - 9 cm

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